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Distance Energy Healing

Experience Aaron’s signature energy healing and life coaching from anywhere on the globe.

NYC In-Person Healing

Meet Aaron in person for a life-changing session of healing, coaching, and acupuncture.

Workshops & Retreats

Transform your life in a weekend or week-long healing and meditation retreat.

Note: To schedule a free, 10-min phone consult with Aaron Teich to see if his healing approach is a good fit for your needs, please call the office at (212) 203-5425.

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Intuition: How To Use It

Intuition: How To Use It

Last month we discussed intuition as the language of the soul, and the soul as the rightful captain of our lives. But what is intuition in more practical terms? How can we recognize and develop it? We focused on this topic during this month’s webinar, and I wanted to... read more

Aaron is a rare talent as a healer. He is the only complimentary health practitioner that Colleen and I see on a regular basis for both our specific health needs and our overall health and wellness. On a weekly basis we go to be tuned up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is the perfect complement to our yoga practice and our ridiculously busy lives.

Rodney Yee & Collen Saidman

Owners, Yoga Shanti